We've launched onto a new path to help each person feel good about themselves by using aesthetics & regenerative medicine. 

Hormone Therapy



We treat thyroid hormone deficiencies, diabetes and other hormone deficiencies.  We treat hormone deficiencies with bioidentical hormones. We do extensive testing to see what is missing and replace them with hormones, not manufactured drugs that act like hormones. There is smaller doses tailored to what you are missing, not a 'one size fits all' approach by the pharmaceutical companies.This is much safer and natural.




This is the most recognized aspect of looking younger. Botox is one of 3 companies that uses medication to paralyze certain muscles to offer a more youthful appearance.

Fillers on the other hand fill in the defects usually in the face and soften the creases that life has given us.

Fillers come in all forms - natural that we get from you as in fat or blood products to a chemical, purchased from a company.

Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP) facials rejuvenate the skin. It is natural, taken from your own blood, processed and reintroduced creating a safe natural healing and restoration of the skin making it return to more of its former self.

Body Sculpting



We can use our Laser Like Lipo to shrink away the fat cells in your body, to get at the hard to reach areas where exercise cannot reach. We can target any part of your body that needs to be shrunk.

Mesotherapy melts away small pockets of fat using a chemical that dissolves the fat tissue in areas such as love handles. 

Sclerotherapy helps to get rid of the spider veins on the legs that are unsightly, hindering you from wearing your favorite shorts.

The Far Infrared Sauna helps to sweat off the toxins and helps your body to feel better. This is NOT your typical sauna with one heater. Ours has 9 heaters. There have been several published articles as to the health benefits to far infrared Sauna