I am David A. Keen MD, MPH, a board certified family practitioner in my own rural office who practices the full scope of medicine. I work part time in the emergency room and also in a nursing home.

I have been the medical director of a County Health Department for 15 years dealing with health not only on a personal, but also at a community level. I have worked in addiction centers and juvenile and adult lock-down facilities. I found that there is a need to treat people before the onset of disease ravages their body. And when it does, there needs to a way to repair some of the damage done.

Body Image was formed after many years working in conventional medicine. We needed to do more in the way of treating someone before they got sick.  i.e. keeping them healthy. I had to be more proactive in finding and treating the person as a person and not a disease. The more I researched, the more I found ways to bring back youth in may factors. 

We deal with hormonal replacement of all kinds and rejuvenating the body and joints by various methods. We use the 'botox' family of medications and fillers to soften the lines that live has given us.

Using the facial appearance approach as well as the internal hormonal fix, we have found that this gives the individual a more youthful appearance and feel, inside and out.