What is Laser Like Lipo?

It is a cold laser light, applied directly to the skin, which causes the fat cells to open up and release their “fat” contents, which is the same thing that happens when you exercise. Only the hormones cause the fat cells to release fats when you exercise. The water, glycerol and free fatty acids leave the cell, and your fat cell shrinks. This is Safe - It is a NON-INVASIVE procedure, PAIN-FREE with almost no side effects.

The best part about this, it is finally offers you hope. Have you felt frustrated you haven't lost those 7-23 inches doing diet and exercise and lost hope? You will have hope and be more inspired to make the changes you know you should be doing when you see the fat come off quickly with this new technology.  Not to mention the health benefits of losing weight.

  • Hope for people who exercise and eat right, but still have those problem areas - this can spot reduce trouble areas.
  • Hope for people who diet and exercise, but it doesn’t seem to help them lose weight and they lose motivation to continue.
  • Hope for people with cellulite – to smooth out the skin.
  • Hope for people with excess skin, after losing weight, and they don’t want to go in for surgery.
  • Hope for people who want to see immediate results – for the motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes.

The Laser-Like Lipo Can Help You

• Reduce Fat
• Reduce Stretch Marks
• Skin Shrinkage
• Lose Inches
• Eliminate Cellulite
• Spot Reduction
• Chin “Tucks” with chin fat
• Eliminate Muffin Tops Easily and Effortlessly

Where it can be used?

• Stretch marks
• Skin reduction
• Spot reduce
• Body sculpting
• Pain and Inflammation
• Body Contouring
• Cellulite
• Laser-Like Lipo

What it Is

• Effortless and Easy
• FDA approved technology
• Proven Results
• No Brainer for Losing Fat
• Pain Free
• Completely Safe  

What it’s Not

• Not another Diet
• Not Complicated
• Not for Everyone
• Another Gimmick
• Surgery
• Drugs

Is Laser-Like Lipo Safe?

Yes, Laser-Like Lipo treatments are completely non-invasive and clients feel nothing. Laser-Like Lipo’s low level Laser-Like technology has been studied and used for over 30 years for many biomedical purposes. FDA approved for pain and inflammation, doctors can use it for fat loss .

Do I have to do other things to lose the fat?
Only for greater results - 7 inches total without changes, 18-23 inches with major lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise we have support if you choose to change your life while doing the sessions.

What do you do to keep the fat off?
Normal things you need to keep weight off - diet and exercise, drinking water, etc.

Where Does the Fat Go?
That fat can be burned as energy in the body, or normal metabolic processing - just like when you exercise and release fat.
How Quickly Will I See Results
97% of clients see measureable results after their first session.

What Kind of Results are Produced?
12.25 inches AVERAGE. The most lost in 18 sessions is 23 inches. People who make minor lifestyle changes are on the higher end of the average and those who don't, the lower end.

How many times do I need it?

9-18 sessions takes an average of 7-23 inches total, respectively - how much fat do you want to lose?

What is the investment?

Come see us for your $25.00 no obligation consultation which includes 1 Vevazz session and 1 Body Vibration session. 

Here, we will customize the best package to fit you and your personal weight loss goals.

P.S. Want to lose a lot more than 23 inches? Ask about our virtually unlimited plans.

Call Dorita "Alma" Perritt at 850-926-3140 X101 to register or stop by the office at 41 Feli Way, Crawfordville, FL 32327 

You have nothing to lose but the FAT.